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RSS Feeds


Niched AI can scrape any RSS Feed and extract the entire content of articles from the feed.

The article content is clean, without ads or unrelated pieces.

We don't provide content pulling from gated articles (behind a paywall or login).

Track New RSS Feed

Inside your Project, go into the RSS Sources page and click on Add Custom button.

You will see the modal which asks for the Name and URL; we require both fields. URL needs to be a path to the RSS Feed.

As soon as you add a new RSS Feed, Niched AI will put the scraping task into the queue, and over a few minutes, you'll see scraped articles on the Articles page.


Every Niched AI plan has limits on the number of trackable sources. We count one source as one domain where articles are hosted.

You'll use one source if RSS Feed consists only of links to 1 domain.

If we detect multiple domains inside a single RSS Feed, we'll count each different domain as a new source.

We separate sources based on the domains because every site has a unique HTML structure. Thus, it requires a dedicated scraper.