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Your Account

Update Account

You may update your name and email from the Account tab inside the Account Settings page.

Update Password

You may update your password from the Password tab inside the Account Settings page.

If you signed up using one of the SSO providers, you need to reset your password first to set it. After that, you'll also be able to log in with an email and password combination.


We use Paddle as payment provider. Paddle is a merchant of record, so you'll see invoices coming from Paddle instead of Niched AI.

Accessing Previous Invoices

The Billing page list all previous invoices for your account.

Changing Plans

From the Billing page you can change plans. We offer monthly and yearly plans there. For the Enterprise plans please reach out here.

Business Invoices

If you need to add specific details or tax information to your invoices such as your business name, address, VAT / tax identification number you can request that via chat support.