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What is Niched AI?

Niched AI is a no-code content discovery platform.

It can track news on the entire Internet through boolean search queries. It can track any combination of keywords, stakeholders, geographies, or events using custom queries.

It has an RSS feed reader with an AI crawler that scrapes the entire content of the articles.

Results are visible through a Niched AI user interface, an API, or no-code integrations for Zapier and Make/Integromat.

Video Tutorials

If you prefer video to text, check out our YouTube channel.

We share short hands-on tutorials of best practices for Niched AI.

Consuming content

There are numerous ways how you can consume content from Niched AI.

Niched AI can send discovered articles in real-time into any workflow, using Webhooks, Zapier, or Make/Integromat integrations.

Many users, instead of real-time, want to pull articles based on a specific schedule. That's doable using Niched AI API.


You can have an unlimited number of projects under each Niched AI account.

Every project has its Articles and RSS feeds.

Queries (Boolean search queries) are the only resource that can be shared among different projects. You can connect multiple projects to the same query.