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You can define boolean search queries on the account level at Account Settings -> Queries. Niched AI will regularly scrape the Internet for new articles matching those queries.

One query can belong to multiple projects.

They are ideal for tracking topics, stakeholders, institutions, and media monitoring.

Accessing Results

You can access the results of specific queries like other Articles on the system.

We have additional APIs for querying only boolean results.

Creating Query

We use the same rules as Google Search.

You can use the keywords AND and OR and always write them in capital letters.

Use double quotes like "Petrol industry in Ghana" for the exact match.

You can group conditions with ().


"Petrol industry" AND (Ghana OR Kenya)
"Petrol industry" AND (Ghana OR Kenya)

Pulling intervals

Niched AI pulls articles on hourly level.

There is an option of using shorter timeframes for specific queries.