How do I know which plan is right for me?

Plans have limits on the number of Articles scraped and the number of Sources from where articles are scraped.

Only articles that are successfully scraped are counted.

Sources are domains from where articles are scraped. If we scraped at least 1 article successfully from 1 domain, then we count that as 1 Article Scraped and 1 Source Used.

If we scrape 100 articles from 1 domain and 5 articles from the 2nd domain, then we count 105 Articles Scraped and 2 Sources Used.

What will happen if I go over the limit?

You’ll be notified via email when you are at 90%. After you use the entire 100% of the allowed sources or articles, all your feeds will be stopped unless you upgrade.

Clients on the Enterprise plan won’t be stopped, any excess usage will be invoiced to them based on the agreed schedule and pricing.

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