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Niched AI is all-in-one article scraper. When you add a new RSS feed to monitor, it regularly checks for new articles. Once a new article is detected, the AI scraper is deployed to extract the article content. Later, you can use this data or forward it to other tools and platforms.

Full article content.
The AI scraper extracts meaningful content from articles without any user input or coding.
Consume data your way.
Access scraped articles via the UI, API, webhooks, or integrations with platforms like Zapier and Make.
Google News API replacement.
If you aim to monitor the entire internet, utilize Queries. They function as boolean queries, and articles are sourced from Google in real time.
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Find what you need Powerful search over cleaned content of all posts scraped.

Watch Internet Define search queries and Niched AI will monitor Internet.

Split work Manage across projects/niches, invite clients or team members.

Consume content Connect your blogs, no-code tools & automate workflow.


Import any site Use RSS feed to pull content

Automatic crawler AI extracts meaningful content from posts

No-code integrations Send discovered articles in real-time to Zapier and Make.

Projects Split different projects into workspaces


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